Marthammor Duin

Marthammor_symbol.jpgMarthammor Duin (Mar-tham-more doo-ihn), is the young, neutral good dwarven god of wanderers and patron of dwarves who have left the clanholds to explore the world. He is also known as Finder-of-Trails, Watcher over Wanderers and the Watchful Eye. He is also an exarch of Moradin.

He approaches life with a gnome-like demeanor, curious to see what lies beyond the horizon and always willing to trade stories of travels. His is the rare spirit of dwarven exploration, and the spark of curiosity his followers associate with bursts of lightning.


Marthammor’s clergy are known as the volamtar (“blazers of fresh trails”). They represent one of the most widely recognized dwarven churches of the surface wide, particularly in the North. Volamtar mark wilderness trails near dwarven strongholds to make the path of those that might follow from the clanholds easier. They patrol trade routes and game trails between human and dwarven enclaves, healing the injured and clearing these areas of dangerous predators.

In urban areas they set up temples with the aim of strengthening dwarven populations through healing, religious ceremonies and exchange of information. Sometimes they attempt to gain minor political positions to influence the government of non-dwarven cities.

They pray for their spells in the morning and celebrate numerous holidays throughout the year, including each festival day and the following nine days of each festival. Years featuring Shieldmeet see much celebration, with the public, including non-dwarves, being invited to attend.

Voltmar frequently multiclass as divine champions and fighters, while those in the wilderness often have some ranger skills.

Marthammor has an aspect named Muamman Duathal, god of wanderers and expatriates, this aspect has a considerably smaller clergy than Marthammor, but Nanteuil of Daggerford is (or at least was) a fairly well-known follower.

Other members of the dwarven pantheon see Marthammor’s behaviour as ‘antics’ and hope his interest in the world above will soon pass. Moradin is grateful that at least his youngest son is more disciplined than Dugmaren. Dugmaren is one of Marthammor’s greatest friends.

He hates the gods of orcs, goblins and giants and holds special enmity for the hill giant god Grolantor.

Marthammor Duin

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