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  • Falcon’s Hallow – newly constructed logging town
  • Phandalin – a “new” small mining town
  • Thundertree – an abandoned town lost during Mount Hotenow’s eruption
  • Neverwinter – Major city once known as the Jewel of the North
  • Conyberry – an abandoned town ransacked by Barbarians
  • Leilon – small mining town and common waypoint between NeverWinter and Waterdeep

Other Important Locations

  • Mount Hotenow – Volcano which destroyed parts of Neverwinter
  • Neverwinter Wood – Largest wooded expanse outside Neverwinter
  • Old Owl Well – a former town now only consists of a single tower and watering hole
  • The Crags – a series of hills and broken mounds south of Miramar
  • Starmetal Hills – A range of rocky hills where numerous starmetal rocks have been found

Noteworthy People of The Sword Coast

Important Events

Below is a list of regional events which are of interest. The current year is 1485 DR, “The Year of the Iron Dwarf’s Vengeance”.




Main Page

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