Evermeet, sometimes known as the Green Isle, is the final destination for all non-drow Tel’Quessir (meaning elves and eladrin) from Faerûn. As of 1368 DR it is under the reign of Amlaruil Moonflower, a moon elf and a widow of Zaor Moonflower, a moonblade wielder who was killed by a sun elf. She rules from its capital city of Leuthilspar, and is home to many prominent Tel’Quessir houses, including the Durothils. Evermeet is seen as the last true kingdom of the Tel’Quessir, which very few non-elves have ever been permitted to visit.

As of 1479 DR Evermeet resides primarily in the Feywild, the inhabited cities having all but disappeared from the Prime Material Plane. Queen Amlaruil Moonflower is gone, and a Royal Council rules in her place. However, the natural landscape of the island itself remains on the Prime, albeit uninhabited and with strong ties to its fey counterpart.

It does sometimes act as a crossover between the Feywild and Faerûn. It can only be traveled to (from and to the Prime Material Plane) under the stars by a secret oceanic route.



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