Dagult Neverember


Dagult Neverember is the Open Lord of Waterdeep and the Lord Protector of New Neverwinter. Neverember had “pumpkin-brown” hair, deep-set dark eyes, and broad shoulders. He was often called a “lion of a man” for both his appearance and bearing.


Neverember had a quick temper. He held a dislike of demihumans and abused them in private. Publicly, however, he was quite a diplomat and appeared to have Waterdeep’s best interests at heart.


Neverember married a member of the Brandarth family, adding her broad property holdings and wealth to his own. She bore him a son, Renaer Neverember, before dying when Renaer was still in his youth. She left everything to Renaer rather than Dagult, which contributed to Dagult’s rocky relationship with his son.

Years after the destruction of Neverwinter in 1462 DR, Neverember hired Mintarn mercenaries to help rebuild the city, claiming himself to be a descendant of Neverwinter’s former rulers and thus the rightful “Lord Protector” of Neverwinter. The Sons of Alagondar, an underground movement associated with the Harpers, resisted Neverember’s reign, fearing that his aims were imperialistic and would not aid the city in the long run. Neverember left the day-to-day running of the city to General Sabine and Mayor Soman Galt, intending to increase the prosperity of the city in order to gain the favor and love of the citizens of Neverwinter so that they would welcome him as their king in the future. While in Neverwinter, Dagult operated out of the Hall of Justice and lived in the Lord’s Residence.

Dagult Neverember

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