Iarno Albrek "Glassstaff"

A short, dark-bearded human wizard known to most as "Glasstaff"


A short, dark-bearded human wizard that was simply known to most as “Glasstaff” for his weapon of choice, a magic staff made of glass. Iarno was initially a member of the Lords’ Alliance, who was sent to the town of Phandalin to establish constabulary (as the town did not have a powerful authority). However, sometime in the 1480s DR, Iarno broke ties with the Lords’ Alliance and created the Redbrands under the guidance of someone called “The Black Spider”.

Iarno was captured by your party in the fall of 1485. He was brought to Neverwinter to stand trial for his crimes.


An unknown individual, most likely a wizard, who is leader of the criminal organization called Redbrands.

Iarno Albrek "Glassstaff"

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