Galen Greywolf

Human Fighter skilled in the art of survival, weaponry and combat


Galen’s story begins when he was six years old and living with his family in the NeverWinter region. His family lived peacefully, farming the land and traveling the short distance to the city to sell their crops. His memory of this time, while faint and fading, is of a peaceful time with a family that loved and cared for him. He also remembered fondly the sights and sounds of the city and the excitement he had whenever he traveled there.

Galen’s sixth birthday is one of the memories that stands out because it coincided with the eruption of Mount Hotenow. The day started out with excitement and celebration. Then, at about noon, the earth began to shake. His family looked out to the distance and saw a massive explosion on the mountain. The area around the mountain seemed to be on fire and within minutes, ash and stone where streaming down on the
farm. Moving quickly, Galen’s father, Jaren rushed to grab as many supplies as possible, loaded them into a wagon and along with Galen’s mother and little sister they fled away from the mountain into the surrounding forest region. Over time, other families and stragglers joined them and a make shift camp was established.

Some of the survivors told stories of how NeverWinter was half destroyed by the volcano and abandoned. Others claimed the city was now overrun with monsters and the undead.

One day, as the survivors assembled for a mid day meal, a load scream was heard from a young girl playing off in the distance. The men in the group rushed to her assistance and as they approached the clearing, they saw a large group of Orcs charging through the woods towards them.

Galen’s father grabbed him and his family, along with around twenty of other in the group, fled as fast as they could away from the camp. Before they could get very far though the Orcs where upon them. Galen’s father and mother tried to fight them off. Others in the group, instead of coming to their aid, panicked and fled in the opposite direction. As Galen watched, his father, mother and little sister where killed by the Orcs. The image of witnessing their deaths and of the other humans leaving his family to die haunts him to this day and fills his heart with anger.

Galen expected to be killed next, but as he stood in shock, the Orcs grabbed him, placed him in shackles and loaded him into a wagon. As the Orcs made their way through the forest, Galen saw what he believed to be dark figures moving quickly through the trees. As the wagon approached a small bridge on a river, a loud war cry sounded in every direction. Arrows struck the wagon from all angles, killing three of the Orcs instantly. Suddenly, two men swung down from the trees in the blink of an eye wielding long swords. They struck the remaining two Orcs before they could get down from the Wagon, killing them dead.

As Galen watched in amazement, the band of fighters gathered up all of the Orc’s supplies, including all weapons and horses. One man called out to the others; “What do we do with the Boy?”. The others didn’t stop their exit and shouted back; “Leave him, he’ll just slow us down.”. The remaining fighter looked down at Glaen with sympathetic eyes and swung his sword down quickly, opening up the cage he was in. All he said was “you better keep up with me, there are more Orcs close by”.
Running quickly, Galen followed the fighters through the forest for a few miles until he came upon a camp. The man who saved him was named Saren Greywolf. He brought Galen over to his wife where she explained that they were a group named “The Clan of the Forest Fighters”. They lived remotely in the woods, fighter for their existence and avoiding towns. Their only rules where, everyone hunts and everyone fights. They moved secretly through the forest, living a nomadic life. Their fighting and survival skills were unmatched and necessary as they were constantly in battles with all forms of evil and even other bands of human and barbarian rivals.

For the next 20 years, Galen was raised by the Forest Fighters and became an equal to them in stature and skill. They cared for him and taught him all of their fighting and survival skills. In addition to becoming an expert at riding horses and hunting, he became skilled in all aspects warfare including hand to hand combat, ambushes and the use of many types of weapons such as sling shots, knives, long swords and cross bows. He also became “one” with the forest, able to live off the land and to communicate in some ways with the animals.
It was a hard life but one that would prepare him for the struggles he would surely face in adulthood. Over time, Galen’s persona was hardened. He had a general mistrust for strangers with the image of his father and mother being left to die by the hands of the Orcs. However, he also hated all things evil and all beings that preyed on the weak. Seeking revenge for his parents, battling evil and protecting the weak is what he desired and that meant he would eventually have to leave his adopted family.

One day over dinner, his “new father” Saren said to him, “You are a grown man now and I know you will leave us soon. I know that your life is not complete. I believe we have prepared you to survive in this world but there is another you should seek out to give you guidance.” He mentioned a fighter named “Sildar Hallwinter”. A brave man with exceptional fighting skills. “Seek him out and you may find the answers for the revenge that you seek”.

Two weeks later, Galen gave thanks to his adopted parents and the rest of the Clan and set out on his journey to find Sildar Hallwinter and to fight evil in any form.

Galen Greywolf

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